Hi! My name is Magda, the brain and the muscle behind Anwaar Candle Co! I was born and raised in Poland, but now I'm proud to call Chicago my second home.
              Since I can remember I have always loved candles. There is something  magical how candles can effortlessly transform a space into something wonderful. Lighting a candle is the first thing that I do after a long day, or when it's rainy or sunny, or when I'm "cleaning" - if you know what I mean ;)?. Bottom line is that this girl loves candles!
             But there always was a down side, no matter the cost or how wonderful they smelled my favorite candles triggered my migraines. Me being an avid candle lover I wasn't ready to gave up on them just yet. One evening as I was watching my gorgeous candle losing its last flame I had this crazy idea that I can make one myself, or at least try. The goal was to create candles that are good for you, good for the environment, and fit my aesthetic.
            Therefore on January 1st  2021 I started looking into the ingredients. After experimenting with different wicks, waxes and scent formulations my curiosity grew more and more. With lots of trials and errors I learned that we still can have a beautiful, luxurious candle without sacrificing the quality ingredients. And just like that Anwaar Candle Co was born!